Reproduction 500 Mixed Roman Coins

500 Mixed Roman Coins
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The 500 mixed Roman coins contains a selection of bronze, gold plated and silver coloured coins of different monetary values to create an exciting hoard. The coins supplied are as follows:

100 X Bronze As of Antoninus Pius 
Obverse: Head of Antoninius Pius. Reverse: Britannia Seated on rock with round shield and sceptre

100 X Bronze Dupondius of Hadrian
Obverse: Radiant bust of Hadrian. Reverse: Aeternitas holding heads of Sun and Moon

100 X Gold Aureus of Claudius
Obverse: Bust of Claudius. Reverse: DE BRITANN on architrave of triumphal arch, equestrian statue of Claudius above

100 X Silver Denarius of Julius Caesar
Obverse: Elephant trampling on serpent. Reverse: Simpulum, sprinkler, axe and priest's hat

100 X Silver Denarius of Vespasian
Obverse: Head of Vespasian. Reverse: Confronting heads of Titus and Domitian

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