Reproduction Crimea Medal - Miniature

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Campaign: Crimea 1854-56

Branch of Service: British Army, Navy and Marines

Description: (obverse) Wyon profile of Queen Victoria text around VICTORIA REGINA, date in exergue 1854; (reverse) a Roman soldier, armed with circular shield and short sword, being crowned by a flying Victory, text to left CRIMEA.

Clasp: Balaklava, shaped like oak leaf with acorn finials

Ribbon: Pale blue with yellow edges

Comments: The Crimean War Medal was sanctioned on the 15th December 1854 by order of Queen Victoria. The medals were awarded to all those in the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines who took part in the campaign in the Crimean peninsula. Each medal bore the clasps of those actions in which the recipient had been involved. The clasp for the battle of Balaklava was authorised on 23rd February 1855.

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