Reproduction Dupondius of Augustus - Varus

Dupondius of Augustus - Varus
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Obverse: Bare head of Augustus left; to left, bare head of Caius Caesar right; to right, [bare head of Lucius Caesar to left].

Reverse: Head of Varus, right. Text around P(ublio) QVINCTILI VARI - ACHULLA.

History: Thanks to the friendship of Tiberius, Publius Quinetilius Varus became the proconsul of Africa, which Augustus had left under the jurisdiction of a magistrate chosen by the Senate. Due to the permanence of Varus in Africa, a few coins on which were struck with his name, and a represented a face.

This coin of Augustus was struck at Achulla Byzacanae, by Publius Quinetilius Varus, in 8-7 BC.

Date: Struck at Achulla Byzacanae 8-7 BC

Diameter: 3.0cm

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