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Wuneetton Type Thrymsas
Obverse: Diademed male bust facing right with candelabrum to the front, within border. Rever..
Henry IV Gold Noble
Obverse: Crowned King Henry IV armoured with sword in right hand over shoulder and shield in left..
500 Mixed Roman Coins
The 500 mixed Roman coins contains a selection of bronze, gold plated and silver coloured coins o..
Corinthian Silver Didrachm
Obverse: Head of Athena left in Corinthian helmet, thyrsos (a staff of giant fennel covered with ..
Two Emperors Type Thrymsas
Obverse: Diademed and cuirassed bust of the king right, cross on stem before. Text VAH – N. ..
Varimundus Type A Thrymsas
Obverse: Diademed bust right, holding sceptre over left shoulder. Reverse: Cross with pellet..
Primary Sceat Series C
Obverse: Radiate bust right with runic inscription to front reading ÆPA. Reverse: +T+T+T+T a..
Secondary Sceat Series M
Obverse: Prancing dog with long legs, curled tail and long tongue, right. Pellets below tail, bet..
Trinovantes Gold Stater
This coin is a Whaddon Chase Type. Obverse: Devolved head of Apollo right. Two 'wings' above ..
Tasciovanus Stag Silver Unit
Obverse: TASCI in panel at centre of a plain vertical wreath. Reverse: Stag, left, looking ba..