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500 mixed Tudor Coins
The 500 mixed Tudor coins contains a selection of gold plated and silver coloured coins of differ..
Elizabeth I Quarter Angel
Obverse: St. Michael represented as a winged figure standing with both feet on a dragon about to ..
Elizabeth I Pound
Obverse: Old crowned bust of Elizabeth I with profusion of hair, with elaborate jewelled dress to..
Elizabeth I Groat
Obverse: Crowned small bust of Elizabeth I, left in plain dress with plain straps. Text around EL..
Elizabeth I Crown
Obverse: Crowned bust of Elizabeth I left, wearing elaborate dress and holding sceptre and orb, t..
Elizabeth I Threepence
Obverse: Crowned profile bust of Elizabeth I left, tudor rose behind. Text around ELIZABETH D G A..
Elizabeth I Sixpence
Obverse: Tall narrow bust of Elizabeth I with elaborately decorated dress, right. Large Tudor ros..
Elizabeth I One Testern
Obverse: Crowned royal shield of arms dividing crowned E R, point of shield to N or ANG. Text aro..
Military Cross - Elizabeth II - Full-Size
Instituted: 31 December 1914 Description: An ornamental cross with straight arms terminating..