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William I (The Conqueror) Penny - Bonnet Type
Obverse: Facing diademed bust of king William I, with two pendants hanging on each side. Text aro..
Robert The Bruce Penny
Obverse: Crowned portrait left of Robert The Bruce, sceptre to left. Text around ROBERTVS DG VRT,..
500 Mixed Medieval Coins
The 500 mixed Medieval coins contains a selection of gold plated and silver coloured coins of dif..
Richard I – Penny (Denier)
Obverse: Cross pattee with the inscription RICARDVS REX (King Richard) around. Reverse: The ..
William I (The Conqueror) Penny - PAXS Type
Obverse: Crowned and diademed facing bust of William I holding sceptre in right hand over left sh..
John Penny
Obverse: Square facing portrait of King John, circular hair curls left and right, 2 on each side...
Eustace Fitzjohn Penny
Obverse: Eustace in full armour walking to the right, holding sword and wearing a Norman helmet. ..
Edward I Penny
Obverse: Full face crowned portrait of Edward I, crown with well-shaped central Lis, no spearhead..
Coenwulf Gold Penny (Mancus)
This magnificent coin is a copy of the unique Coenwulf, King of Mercia (796-821) Gold Penny or Ma..
Coenwulf Silver Penny
Obverse: Ornamental M with pellets to either side, CENVVLF across the centre field and REX in low..