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Charles I Scarborough Siege Crown, Type I
Obverse: Type I, large castle type showing the keep of Scarborough castle with windows, battlemen..
Charles I Pontefract Siege Pair
The Pontefract Siege pair consists of two rare Charles I Pontefract Siege Shillings, octagonal an..
£14.00 £11.50
Tasciovanus Stag Silver Unit
Obverse: TASCI in panel at centre of a plain vertical wreath. Reverse: Stag, left, looking ba..
Cnut Quatrefoil Type Penny
Obverse: Crowned and draped bust of Cnut left, within quatrefoil. Text around CNVT REX ANGLO PVM...
Edward VI Sovereign
Obverse: Crowned half length figure of King Edward VI in armour right, holding sword over right s..
Charles I Scarborough Siege Crown, Type II
Obverse: Type II Small castle type showing the three storied keep of Scarborough castle with wind..
Dobunni Chicken Silver Unit
Obverse: Beardless head facing left with ringed-pellet eye and two-pin mouth, hair of four curved..
Cnut Short Cross Type Penny
Obverse: Diademed bust of Cnut left, holding sceptre with lis head in front. Text around +CNVT RE..
Edward VI Shilling
Obverse: Elegant bust of Edward VI facing right with thin neck, wearing crown. Text around EDWARD..
Commonwealth Shilling
Obverse: St. Georges Cross in shield encircled by wreath. Text around THE COMMONWEALTH OF ENGLAND..