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John Penny
Obverse: Square facing portrait of King John, circular hair curls left and right, 2 on each side...
Henry VI Halfgroat
Obverse: Crowned bust of Henry VI facing, neck flanked by two annulets, within a tressure of nine..
Henry VII Half-Angel (Angelet)
Obverse: St. Michael represented as a winged figure standing with both feet on a dragon about to ..
James I Gold Crown
Obverse: Bust of crowned James I facing right. Text around LACOBVS DG MAG BRIT FRAN & HIB REX..
George II Gold Guinea
Obverse: Laureate bust of George II left, stop after II between laurel tips. Text around GEORGIVS..
Mary I (Queen of Scots) Gold Ryal
Obverse: Bust of Mary left, hair tied up and two rows of pearls in hair, two rows of pearls aroun..
Philip II 4 Escudos
Obverse: Within a beaded circle, crowned Habsburg coat of arms, S to the left of shield denoting ..
Athens Gold Stater
Obverse: Athena wearing an ornamented helmet. Reverse: Owl standing on a olive twig, a cresen..
Ambiani Gallic War Gold Stater
Obverse: This bowl shaped stater has a plain obverse. Reverse: M-shaped Celtic horse right s..
Varimundus Type A Thrymsas
Obverse: Diademed bust right, holding sceptre over left shoulder. Reverse: Cross with pellet..