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Henry VIII Gold Sovereign
Obverse: Henry VIII with bearded portrait seated facing on throne with curved sides, holding orb ..
Charles I Declaration Pound
Obverse: Crowned, King Charles I on horseback riding left, holding upright sword. The horse is sh..
George III Sixpence
Obverse: Laureate and draped bust of George III right, pellet in right field. Text around GEORGIV..
Trinovantes Gold Stater
This coin is a Whaddon Chase Type. Obverse: Devolved head of Apollo right. Two 'wings' above ..
Vikings at York St. Peter Coinage
Obverse: Sword right with cross pattee to right between text. Cross pattee above with annulet to ..
Henry VIII Half-Sovereign
Obverse: Henry VIII enthroned holding orb in left hand and sceptre in right hand. Throne with cur..
Charles I Newark Siege Halfcrown
Obverse: Lozenge type with large royal crown between C R (Carolus Rex - King Charles). Below XXX ..
George III Twopence - Cartwheel Type
Obverse: Laureate and draped bust of George III right. Text around, incuse on raised rim, GEORGIU..
Sithric Hiberno Norse Phase I Penny
Obverse: Draped bust left with ‘porcupine quill' hair, pellet behind. Text around SIHTRC REX DYFL..
Cheriton Smiler Gold Stater
Obverse: Wreath motif with outward-facing leaves, three parallel cabled lines and hidden smiling ..