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Henry VIII Halfgroat
Obverse: Crowned profile bust of Henry VIII right. Text around HENRIC VIII DI R AGL Z. Rever..
Charles I Pontefract Siege Shilling (Lozenge)
Obverse: Crown over the initials CR. Text around DMV SPIRO SPERO. Reverse: Castle gateway wi..
St. Louis IX Gros Tournois
Obverse: Cross pattée in center within two concentric rings of text. Outer ring text +BHDICTV SIT..
Alfred The Great Penny
Obverse: Diademed portrait bust of Alfred right. Text around AELFRED REX. Reverse: Londonia ..
Corieltauvi Gold Stater
Obverse: Devolved head of Apollo. Reverse: Disjointed horse standing left, rosette or star b..
Henry VIII & Jane Seymour Groat
Obverse: Crowned royal arms with fleur de lys in first and fourth quarters and lions in the secon..
Charles I Pontefract Siege Shilling (Octagonal)
Obverse: HANC DEVS DEDIT in two lines, crown above, 1648 below. Text around CAROL II D G MAG BE E..
Aethelred II (The Unready) Penny
Obverse: Draped and bare-headed bust of Athelred II (The Unready) left. Text around AEDELRED REX ..
Cantiaci Yoke Sunflower Quarter Stater
Obverse: This bowl shaped quarter stater has a plain obverse. Reverse: Horse galloping left ..
Henry VIII Groat
Obverse: Crowned bearded bust of Henry VIII turned to right, wearing a cloak fastened by a brooch..