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James I Gold Crown
Obverse: Bust of crowned James I facing right. Text around LACOBVS DG MAG BRIT FRAN & HIB REX..
James I Shilling
Obverse: Bust of crowned James I facing right, XII to left of head. Text around LACOBVS DG MAG BR..
Charles I Gold Crown
Obverse: Crowned bust of Charles I facing left, with ruff and armour nearly concealed with scarf,..
George III Gold Guinea
Obverse: Sixth laurel head bust of George III, Text around GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA (George III by..
George III Gold Half-Guinea
Obverse: Laureate bust of George III right, stop after III between laurel tips. Text around GEORG..
Charles I Shilling
Obverse: Crowned and bearded bush of Charles I left, XII behind head. Large bust with stellate la..
Charles I Sixpence
Obverse: Bust of Charles I in ruff with high crown with jewelled arches and with armour visible, ..
George III Shilling
Obverse: Laureate and draped bust of George III right with stop over head. Text around GEORGIVS I..
Elizabeth I Pound
Obverse: Old crowned bust of Elizabeth I with profusion of hair, with elaborate jewelled dress to..
William and Mary Halfcrown (First Shield)
Obverse: Draped busts of William and Mary facing right, William to foreground. Text around GVLIEL..