Reproduction William III Shilling

William III Shilling
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Obverse: Bust of William III right. Text around GVLIELMVS III DEI GRA.

Reverse: Crowned cruciform shields of England, Ireland, Scotland and France with lion rampant in the centre. Date 1697 either side of English shield. Text around MAG BR FRA ET HIB REX.

History: James II was deposed after William III (William of Orange) was invited by Parliament to be joint ruler with his wife Mary in 1688. The coinage during their reign depicted both monarchs. When Mary died in 1694 William III ruled alone and the new coinage changed to depict just his bust.

In 1696 a great re-recoinage was undertaken to replace hammered silver that made up most of the coinage in circulation, much of which was clipped or badly worn.
William III founded the Bank of England in July 1694.
Date: 1697
Diameter: 2.4cm

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