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At we are constantly adding to the range of reproduction and replica coins and medals that we offer.
On this page you will find the latest coins and medals that we have added to our web site. These items can also be found in their respective locations on our web site.
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As of Augustus and Agrippa - Crocodile Palm
Obverse: The heads of Agrippa to left and Augustus to right, back to back. Agrippa wearing combin..
Denarius of Augustus - Mars
Obverse: Bare head looking to the right, text [CAESAR] AVGVSTVS. Reverse: Mars in helmet sta..
Dupondius of Augustus - Varus
Obverse: Bare head of Augustus left; to left, bare head of Caius Caesar right; to right, [bare he..
Denarius of Caligula (Gaius) - Augustus
Obverse: Bare head of Caligula (Gaius) right. Text around C CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR POT COS . ..
Denarius of Nero - Jupiter
Obverse: Laureate head of Nero right. Text around NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS. Reverse: Jupiter sea..
Denarius of Galba - Victory
Obverse: Laureate bust of Galba, facing right. Text around IMP SER GALBA AVG. Reverse: Winge..
Denarius of Titus - Venus
Obverse: Head of Titus, leaded, laureate facing right. Text around IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P..
Denarius of Domitian - Minerva
Obverse: Laureate head of Domition right. Text around IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XI (Impera..