Reproduction Celtic Coins

Celtic Coins
Celtic coinage refers to the coins minted by the Celts from the late 4th century BC to the late 1st century BC.
Celtic coinage was influenced by trade with and the supply of mercenaries to the Greeks, and initially copied Greek designs, especially Macedonian coins from the time of Philip II of Macedon and his son, Alexander the Great. Thus Greek motifs and even letters can be found on various Celtic coins.
Our reproduction and replica Celtic coins include Gold and Silver Staters and Silver Units.
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Ambiani Gallo-Belgic Gold Stater
Obverse: Head of Apollo left with elaborate hairstyle in a Celtic design derived from the Apollo ..
Ambiani Gallo-Belgic Gold Stater
Obverse: Disintegrated head of Apollo. Reverse: Disjointed horse facing right, seven pellets ..
Ambiani Gallic War Gold Stater
Obverse: This bowl shaped stater has a plain obverse. Reverse: M-shaped Celtic horse right s..
Armorican Billon Stater
Obverse: Celtic designed head facing right, with anchor shaped nose. Reverse: Horse galloping..
Vercingetorix Gold Stater
Obverse: Bare head bust of Vercingetorix with wavy hair, left. Text below: VERCI-NGETORIXS. ..
Morini Gallo-Belgic Boar Gold Quarter Stater
Obverse: Rooted tree symbolising the Celtic 'Tree of Life' with bar either side, bent line repres..
Durotriges Silver Stater
Obverse: Durotrigan wreath pattern with upward facing leaves. Reverse: Triple-tailed disjoin..
Atrebates Gold Stater
Obverse: Wreath pattern with upward facing leaves, representing a laureate head. Reverse: Ho..
Trinovantes Gold Stater
This coin is a Whaddon Chase Type. Obverse: Devolved head of Apollo right. Two 'wings' above ..
Cheriton Smiler Gold Stater
Obverse: Wreath motif with outward-facing leaves, three parallel cabled lines and hidden smiling ..