Reproduction Celtic Coins

Celtic Coins
Celtic coinage refers to the coins minted by the Celts from the late 4th century BC to the late 1st century BC.
Celtic coinage was influenced by trade with and the supply of mercenaries to the Greeks, and initially copied Greek designs, especially Macedonian coins from the time of Philip II of Macedon and his son, Alexander the Great. Thus Greek motifs and even letters can be found on various Celtic coins.
Our reproduction and replica Celtic coins include Gold and Silver Staters and Silver Units.
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Corieltauvi Gold Stater
Obverse: Devolved head of Apollo. Reverse: Disjointed horse standing left, rosette or star b..
Cantiaci Yoke Sunflower Quarter Stater
Obverse: This bowl shaped quarter stater has a plain obverse. Reverse: Horse galloping left ..
Tasciovanus Stag Silver Unit
Obverse: TASCI in panel at centre of a plain vertical wreath. Reverse: Stag, left, looking ba..
Dobunni Chicken Silver Unit
Obverse: Beardless head facing left with ringed-pellet eye and two-pin mouth, hair of four curved..
Aedui Silver Quinarius
Obverse: Helmeted head, left. Text before SANTONOS (ANT as interlinked monogram). Reverse: F..
Vindeliker Rainbow Cup Gold Stater
Obverse: Birds head left in wreath-shaped torque. Reverse: Celtic torque and three balls. Th..
Cunobelin Gold Stater
Obverse: Corn ear divided. Text across CA to left, MV to right, the mint signature for Camulodunu..
Catuvellauni Sego Silver Unit
Obverse: SEGO in panel with a pattern of intertwined lines around. Reverse: Celtic warrior o..
Iceni Antedi Silver Unit
Obverse: Two opposing crescents with annulets between, cross to the right, single beaded horizont..
Iceni Boudica Silver Unit
Obverse: Stylised head of the war goddess Andraste right. Reverse: Full-bodied horse gallopi..