Reproduction House of Stuart Coins

House of Stuart Coins
When James VI of Scotland acceded to the English throne, the royal titles and coat of arms altered on the coinage. New coins were added including the gold Unite, the gold Laurel and the rose-ryal.
In Charles I’s early reign some outstanding machine-made coins were produced, but could not be struck at sufficient speed to supplement hand hammering.
During the Civil War the parliamentary government continued to strike coins with Charles I’s name on until his execution. Coins were struck at a number of towns to supply the Royalists. Among the more spectacular pieces are the ‘Declaration’ coins struck at Shrewsbury and Oxford and the emergency coins, made from odd-shaped pieces of silver plate during the sieges of Newark, Scarborough and Pontefract.
After Charles I death coins were struck during the Commonwealth with English inscriptions. The short-run coinage of Oliver Cromwell were machine made until the Restoration in 1660.
Early in Charles II reign milled coinage was introduced. New gold coins were struck and they became known as ‘Guineas’ as the gold was imported from Guinea by the African Company (whose emblem was the Elephant and Castle). Good regal copper coinage was also introduced for the first time.
The remainder of the Stuart’s reign saw little change to the coinage, except for the bust of the monarchs.
Our reproduction and replica Stuart coins include Crown, Shilling and Civil War Siege coinage.
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Charles I Pontefract Siege Shilling (Octagonal)
Obverse: HANC DEVS DEDIT in two lines, crown above, 1648 below. Text around CAROL II D G MAG BE E..
Charles I Pontefract Siege Pair
The Pontefract Siege pair consists of two rare Charles I Pontefract Siege Shillings, octagonal an..
£13.00 £12.00
Charles I Scarborough Siege Crown, Type I
Obverse: Type I, large castle type showing the keep of Scarborough castle with windows, battlemen..
Charles I Scarborough Siege Crown, Type II
Obverse: Type II Small castle type showing the three storied keep of Scarborough castle with wind..
Commonwealth Shilling
Obverse: St. Georges Cross in shield encircled by wreath. Text around THE COMMONWEALTH OF ENGLAND..
Oliver Cromwell Gold Broad
Obverse: Laureate bust of Oliver Cromwell, left. Grained edge to coin. Text around OLIVAR D G R P..
Oliver Cromwell Shilling
Obverse: Laureate head of Oliver Cromwell. Text around OLIVARD GRP ANG SCO HIB & PRO. Re..
Charles II (Royal Africa Company) Gold Five Guineas
Obverse: First laureate bust of Charles II right, pointed truncation, long hair extended down, el..
Charles II Gold Guinea
Obverse: Third laureate bust facing right, with elephant below. Text around CAROLVS II DEI GRATIA..
Charles II 1663 Petition Crown
The Charles II 1663 Petition Crown’s, the work of Thomas Simon, are arguably the most spectacular..