Reproduction House of Tudor Coins

House of Tudor Coins
Henry VII's introduced radical changes to his coinage in 1489. A gold pound, called a Sovereign and the Shilling were introduced and a fine portrait of the king replaced the representational image previously used.
In 1526, during the reign of Henry VIII, the first major effort to debase the coinage was instituted. New coins were introduced including the Crown of the Rose, Crown of the Double Rose and the George Noble. During Henry VIII’s reign the coinage was repeatedly debased and the practice continued into the reign of Edward VI.
Edward VI began bringing in all the debased coins and re-issuing new ones with the proper amount of precious metal, but they were not completed until the 1560 in the reign of Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth I’s coinage introduced a large number of different denominations. Coins of fine workmanship were produced in a screw press in 1561, called ‘Mill Money’, but due to the presses being slow and inefficient it was stopped in 1572. 
Our reproduction and replica Tudor coins include Sovereign, Angel, Groat, Shilling and Crown.
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Elizabeth I Crown
Obverse: Crowned bust of Elizabeth I left, wearing elaborate dress and holding sceptre and orb, t..
Elizabeth I Threepence
Obverse: Crowned profile bust of Elizabeth I left, tudor rose behind. Text around ELIZABETH D G A..
Elizabeth I Sixpence
Obverse: Tall narrow bust of Elizabeth I with elaborately decorated dress, right. Large Tudor ros..
Elizabeth I One Testern
Obverse: Crowned royal shield of arms dividing crowned E R, point of shield to N or ANG. Text aro..