Reproduction Edward III Half-Noble

Edward III Half-Noble
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Obverse: King Edward III standing facing in ship, holding sword in right hand and shield with royal coat of arms in the left hand. To the left the ship displays a crossed flag. Text around EDWARD D GRA REX ANGL Z FRA D HYB.

Reverse: Royal floriated cross with fleurs-de-lis at ends, trefoils, lions & crowns in angles, C at centre within a tressure of eight arcs. Text around DOMINE NE IN FVRORE TVO ARGVAS ME.

History: Edward claimed the throne of France, but following a treaty in 1360 this claim was dropped and a mint was opened at Calais in 1363. In 1369 the treaty broke down and the claim on the throne of France was reinstated.

Date: Calais mint, Mintmark Cross - type 3, treaty period, 1363-69

Diameter: 2.5cm

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