Reproduction As of Augustus and Agrippa - Crocodile Palm

As of Augustus and Agrippa - Crocodile Palm
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Obverse: The heads of Agrippa to left and Augustus to right, back to back. Agrippa wearing combined rostral crown and laurel wreath and Augustus bare head. Text above IMP, text in exergue DIVI F (Imperator Divi Filius).

Reverse: Crocodile right chained to palm shoot behind, wreath with long ties and palm branches below. Text COL-NEM (Colonia Nemausus).

History: This coin was minted circa 15-5 BC at the provincial city of Nemausus to celebrate the Augustan conquest of Egypt. It features the portrait of Augustus with his general (and heir) Agrippa. The reverse design is an obvious allusion to Egypt (crocodile) and its subjugation (chained to a palm tree).

Date: Nemausus Mint, Circa 16 - 5 BC

Diameter: 2.6cm

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