Reproduction Didrachm of Claudius - Quadriga

Didrachm of Claudius - Quadriga
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Obverse: Laureate head of Claudius left. Text around TI CLAUD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P meaning Tiberius Claudius Ceasar Augustus Germanicus, Pontifex Maximus (holder of) Tribunician Power.

Reverse: Claudius holding eagle-tipped sceptre, standing in a Triumphal quadriga (four horse-powered chariot). Text in exergue DE BRITANNI[S] signifying victory over the Britons.

History: Claudius was proclaimed Emperor by the Praetorian Guard. In 43 AD, Claudius began a serious attempt to invade Britain, sending his general Aulus Plautius. Once a number of battles had been won, Claudius himself visited for a period of sixteen days, for which he became recognised as the triumphant conqueror of Britain. He was honoured by being given the surname Britannicus.

Date: Cappadocia mint, Struck 43-48 AD

Diameter: 1.8cm

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