Reproduction Vikings at York Cnut Penny

Vikings at York Cnut Penny
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Obverse: CNVT REX arranged around inverted patriarchal cross with pellets at each quarter of the smaller cross, two groups of four pellets to top left and right.

Reverse: Small cross pattée, pellet in each quarter, within beaded border. Text around CVN NET TI, each group of letters split by three pellets.

History: The names on this coin have been interpreted as Cnut (Knutr) on the obverse and a Latinised rendering of Hunedeus on the reverse, two Viking war leaders operating in northern England in the late ninth century. The name Cnut is arranged around the arms of the cross in the manner early Christians would cross themselves during prayer.

Date: York mint, Circa 895-902 AD

Diameter: 1.8cm

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