Reproduction Norman Kings Coins

Norman Kings Coins
There were no major changes in coinage following the Norman conquest with the silver penny being the main type of coin. 
Nearly seventy mints were operating during the reign of William I; these reduced to about fifty-five by the middle of the 12th century and, under Henry II, these reduced to thirty and later to eleven. By the second half of the 13th century the issues of coinage was centralised at London and Canterbury.
Our reproduction and replica Norman Kings coins include Pennies of William I.
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William I (The Conqueror) Penny - Bonnet Type
Obverse: Facing diademed bust of king William I, with two pendants hanging on each side. Text aro..
William I (The Conqueror) Penny - PAXS Type
Obverse: Crowned and diademed facing bust of William I holding sceptre in right hand over left sh..
Eustace Fitzjohn Penny
Obverse: Eustace in full armour walking to the right, holding sword and wearing a Norman helmet. ..