Reproduction Plantagenet Kings Coins

Plantagenet Kings Coins
From 1154 until 1279 coinage remained the same, with the silver penny being the main type of coin. However, in 1279, during Edward I’s reign, a major re-coinage was embarked upon and new denominations were introduced. In addition to the penny, halfpence, farthings and for the first time a fourpenny piece called a ‘Groat’ were minted.
During Edward III’s early reign small quantities of silver coins were minted following the standard of the previous two reigns. In 1344 gold coinage was introduced comprising the Double Florin and Double Leopard, the Florin and Half-Florin. This coinage was unsuccessful and was replaced the same year by the heavier Noble. Coinage remained standard for the remainder of the Plantagenet period. 
Our reproduction and replica Plantagenet Kings coins include Pennies, Groats and Nobles.
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Richard I – Penny (Denier)
Obverse: Cross pattee with the inscription RICARDVS REX (King Richard) around. Reverse: The ..
John Penny
Obverse: Square facing portrait of King John, circular hair curls left and right, 2 on each side...
Edward I Groat
Obverse: Crowned bust facing of Edward I with large crown and bushy hair, flower at each side by ..
Edward I Penny
Obverse: Full face crowned portrait of Edward I, crown with well-shaped central Lis, no spearhead..
Edward III Gold Noble
Obverse: Crowned King Edward III armoured with sword in right hand over shoulder and shield in le..
Edward III Half-Noble
Obverse: King Edward III standing facing in ship, holding sword in right hand and shield with roy..
Edward III Quarter-Noble
Obverse: Shield with Lis in first and fourth quarters and lions in second and third quarters with..
Richard II Gold Noble
Obverse: King Richard II standing facing in ship, holding sword in right hand and shield with roy..