Reproduction Scottish Coins

Scottish Coins
The coinage of Scotland covers a range of currency and coins in Scotland during Classical antiquity, the reign of ancient provincial kings, royal dynasties of the ancient Kingdom of Scotland and the later Mediaeval and Early modern periods.
These replica Scottish coins start from the first Kings of Scotland who ruled from the medieval period in the 1100’s up until and including the Union of the Crowns, when James VI of Scotland became King of England and Ireland.
Our reproduction and replica Scottish coins include Penny, Ryal and Shillings.
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Robert The Bruce Penny
Obverse: Crowned portrait left of Robert The Bruce, sceptre to left. Text around ROBERTVS DG VRT,..
Mary I (Queen of Scots) Gold Ryal
Obverse: Bust of Mary left, hair tied up and two rows of pearls in hair, two rows of pearls aroun..
Mary I (Queen of Scots) Testoon
Obverse: Crown with three lis and two crosses between, over FM monogram, crowned lis to left and ..
James VI and I Shilling
Obverse: Bust of crowned James I facing right, XII to left of head. Text around LACOBVS DG MAG BR..